Friday, May 30, 2008

Photo Shoot at the Beach

Yesterday was the official end of our workshop, but today we had our optional extra day of shooting. We worked with the most amazing model, Miss Joslyn Davis (isn't she gorgeous?!?)... Thanks so much, Jos; we look forward to working with you again. We are going to have TONS of images to share from this week, but for now, here are 2 shots of Joslyn from our shoot today: (Check back next week for more images from the workshop).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Workshop Update

Not much time to write, as we're super busy with the workshop. But I just wanted to stop in and say that we have SUCH a great group of photographers here! Marissa and I are having an awesome time (despite what our faces display in the above photo)! :) Lots to share later... for now, here's a group shot:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Whitney wins!

Kimberlee here again. So since I've been in Africa for the past month, I've gotten a little behind on some of the shows I keep up with. I finally got caught-up with The Office (go Jim & Pam!). And yesterday I also heard the news about the winner of America's Next Top Model - Cycle 10. Yes, this is one of my "guilty pleasure" shows, and I have to admit that I LOVE watching it. Marissa and I both do, actually. We often chat about the sets, lighting, posing, and expressions of the images from that show (we're dorks, I know). :) Anyway... I was SO very excited to hear that the winner this season was Whitney! On the show, she's been labeled a "plus-size" model, but let's be real here; she's "NORMAL" size! She never apologizes for her curves, and her confidence is just so magnetic.

One of the sections in our Bad-Ass Training Guide is entitled: "We're Bringing Curvy Back"™ - and I just want to emphasize again how important it is for us as photographers to really take advantage of this opportunity we have. It's an incredible opportunity - to celebrate women of every shape and size; and to help combat society's views of what "beauty" really is!

Right after Whitney wins on ANTM, Tyra mentions how she is a "full-figured" model, and one of the other judges makes a statement that is absolutely right-on. She said:


Congratulations, Whitney! *image courtesy of the CW*

Our second workshop officially starts tonight, and we're so excited to meet the awesome photographers who have traveled here to San Diego to hang out with us at our boudoir studio. Tomorrow is a day dedicated to posing, expression, lighting, and shooting, and we've got some gorgeous models lined up again. (And, might we add, we have a few gals that are actually normal clients - not just professional models here!)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Countdown to the workshop

"I am so excited about the workshop. I did a boudoir the other day and used your actions and WOW love the softness and that bombshell b&w is to die for. Building an album now with the templates and I just have to say that you girls ROCK!" -Christi


We just got this email from one of our workshop attendees... thanks for the kind words, Christi! We're so excited about the workshop, too! We can't believe it's only 2 days away. See you soon! -Kimberlee & Marissa

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"I've got a friend in you!"

Those are the song lyrics I hear in my head when I (Marissa) look at these photos I took of my friend Melissa, or "Smelly" as I like to call her. This adorable gal has let me snap her photos since we were in our high school photography class together. Thanks Smelly! I need to mention that Kimberlee was a co-conspirator in this shoot. We were all walking down Main Street in Ramona (where I grew up) when we saw this piercingly bright laundry room shining at 10:30 at night. In unison Kimee and were like, "photoshoot!". Mel just happened to be wearing her usual quirky garb so she was announced as the model right away.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back from Africa!

It's been a long few days of travel, what with 16 hours in the London airport yesterday and 2 different 10-hour flights... I'm definitely ready to get home! Right now I'm hanging out in the San Francisco airport; just one more quick flight and then I'll be back in San Diego. Marissa just sent me an email, asking if I would post this photo (I think it makes her laugh). So here it is... Africa was amazing; I had such a great time! And FYI, carrying 20 liters of water on your head is NOT as easy as it looks. :) I'm so excited about our upcoming workshop (next week!) See you all soon. -Kimberlee

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some thoughts from another photog on Boudoir...

"Dear Boudior Divas~
I just wanted to share with you how happy I was to find your site (thank you Becker). I am a Military wife and photographer. It really is such a unique demographic, and frankly, The boudoir shoot is something that is so in demand right now. However being in the military brings it's own unique issues when it comes to sending and receiving photos.
These women know that when their significant other opens his mail, that there can be others standing in close proximity, or he may even have them pinned up. It is important to be able to relate to these ladies that boudoir is tasteful end elegant, not racy and vulgar.
I really think You have done a wonderful job, and look forward to ordering your Bundle. Deployments are not fun for anyone, but the service member who gets a boudoir book from his girl halfway through, knows he has something to look forward to when he gets home.

Juliana Oliveira
Pennylayne studios"

Thank you Juliana, first of all for the kind words, and, second, we love to hear other photographers thoughts on the boudoir trends that they are seeing in their area. We would love to hear if others of you cater to specific market in your area or where you see boudoir going over the next couple of years.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The workshop is almost here!

Hi everyone! The whole studio is a buzz right now as we prepare for our workshop. We just moved into this big studio from an at home operation so needless to say there is much to get done. We just booked our models for you so that when you go home you will already have a portfolio that has a lot of variety. All the gals are gorgeous and different shapes and sizes so that you can appeal to a variety of clientel.
We are also preparing your giveaways! We intend to spoil you all and giveaway a fun gift to each one of you. If you have your eye on something in particular cross your fingers!

We have a few seats left. If you are considering joining us we would love to have you! Call us if you would like more info. 858-485-0443

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hey everyone! Kimee here, just taking a short internet cafe break here in Zambia; I had to share something really fast. So when you're working with someone day-in, day-out for over a year, you start to have similar mannerisms. Marissa and I often say the same things, complete each others' sentences, and even think the same thoughts. So yesterday after I posted on my blog, I started cracking up when I saw Marissa's recent Woman Captured blog post - SOOO similar! Really??? We're half-way across the world from each other, and we're still thinking the same. :) Haha, love ya Riss, see you soon!
Check it out: My shoot... and Marissa's shoot...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Subject: Yay!

A couple weeks ago we received this from a client and I loved it so much I just had to share. She was Kimee's client, but if my memory serves me right (Kimee is in Africa or I would ask her for specifics) she sent this over to her guy serving overseas and she was able to watch him open it on a web cam...

From: Michelle T
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 16:33:10 -0700
To: Woman Captured by Boucher

Subject: Yay!

"Okay, here's my little thing:

Lingerie & makeup: $225
Pictures: $609
Webcam & internet access: $175
His face when he saw the pictures: PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my GOODNESS!!! He was SHOCKED and loved them! He looked at the cover of
the DVD and was like "Is that YOU?!!!!!!!!" and his eyes just lit up! Thank
you so much for everything!!!!!!"

Michelle T