Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some thoughts from another photog on Boudoir...

"Dear Boudior Divas~
I just wanted to share with you how happy I was to find your site (thank you Becker). I am a Military wife and photographer. It really is such a unique demographic, and frankly, The boudoir shoot is something that is so in demand right now. However being in the military brings it's own unique issues when it comes to sending and receiving photos.
These women know that when their significant other opens his mail, that there can be others standing in close proximity, or he may even have them pinned up. It is important to be able to relate to these ladies that boudoir is tasteful end elegant, not racy and vulgar.
I really think You have done a wonderful job, and look forward to ordering your Bundle. Deployments are not fun for anyone, but the service member who gets a boudoir book from his girl halfway through, knows he has something to look forward to when he gets home.

Juliana Oliveira
Pennylayne studios"

Thank you Juliana, first of all for the kind words, and, second, we love to hear other photographers thoughts on the boudoir trends that they are seeing in their area. We would love to hear if others of you cater to specific market in your area or where you see boudoir going over the next couple of years.

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