Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More from KISS 'n Tell All

Hey everyone! Here are a few more images from our boudoir shoot at the KISS house during WPPI week.
I thought this was hilarious... Marissa shooting me - and me shooting Marissa - at the same time. :) Also, be sure to check out the following links for some images that other photographers got during our shoot...
Betsy McCue - La Vida Creations Photography
Nate Gates Photography
David Baxter - Ohana Photography
Andrea Kelly Photography: (Amanda) (and Amber)
Tait Photography
Deanna Hall Photography
Laura - Noire et Blanche Boudoir

Thursday, March 20, 2008

KISS 'n tell all

Our Vegas trip started out with a boudoir photo shoot at the KISS house! Kevin and Shaun were gracious hosts, and the house had a lot of interesting places to shoot (a cool bathroom, pool table, and jacuzzi- to name a few). Thanks, KISS guys, for organizing the shoot! There was a great turnout, and we had a blast (we're already making plans for next year!) We also have to say thank you to our make-up artist, Joel. Your work is amazing, and we were honored to be able to work with you- thanks so much! And, of course, a HUGE thank you to Amanda and Amber, our lovely models for the day. You gals rocked it! Here are a few of our favorite shots from the jacuzzi... To all of the photographers who were able to make it out to our shoot, thank you so much for joining us! We enjoyed meeting all of you, and we hope you had fun! We'll be posting more images soon, so check back this week for some more fun stuff.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

We're having SO much fun! Lots going on here. The boudoir shoot at the KISS house was awesome and we have so many great shots to share! We'll be posting tons of photos soon, so check back later...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where to find us at WPPI

Remember "Where's Waldo"? Didn't you just love pouring through those colorful pages, searching for that little red-and-white-clad guy? (So much fun!) We know there are going to be TONS of photographers at WPPI, but we would absolutely love to meet you! (Especially if you've purchased our products- please find us; we would love to hear your feedback!) If you want to purchase our products, FIND US! We'll be offering a WPPI special, but you have to find us if you want to know the details. :) While we won't be wearing red stripes, we WILL be wearing some "boudoir divas" distinction on our nametags. Also, here are a few of the places we'll be this week:

*KISS 'n Tell All boudoir shoot at the KISS house
*KISS event (they're surprising us- can't wait to find out what we're doing!)

*Find us hanging out at our favorite vendors' booths! (AKA our sponsors!) Bludomain,, KISS Wedding Books, Neil Enterprises, and Kodak.
*Awesome classes
*Grabbing a drink at the Pixel 2 Canvas party, and then...
*Sun night we get to go see "O" at the Bellagio (can't wait!)

*Platform classes
*Bludomain party

*Platform classes
* party

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out of the office

We're heading to Vegas! We'll be out of the office from Thursday 3/13 through the 20th), so if you try to contact us we won't be able to respond for a while. We'll be getting back to all emails and phone calls when we get back to the office on Friday the 21st. Oh, and if you've ordered a book or bundle this week, don't worry- we will be sending out a shipment before we leave, so you should be receiving it shortly. :) xoxo, The Boudoir Divas

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Booking Sexiest Gift in Vegas!

We will be in Vegas for WPPI and per a few gals request we have booked a great room and will be shooting our Sexiest Gift package on Weds the 19th! Yes, even photographers want great pictures of themselves for their man! For more info click on the image below or email us at

KISS 'n tell all... a few spots still open!

Hey everyone! If you're registered for our "KISS 'n tell all" event next week, we've just sent out an email with some more information. We're SOOO excited about it- it's going to be tons of fun! To all of you who have signed up- we're very much looking forward to meeting each of you! We're also going to be doing a little raffle during the shoot... we'll be giving away a copy of our Bad-Ass Training Guide! Oh and another lucky winner will also receive a free Kodak GEM airbrush plug-in! Any questions about the shoot? Send me an email: If you want to sign up, there are a few spots left- so shoot an email over to Kevin:

Models for the "KISS 'n tell all" event

Aren't they gorgeous??? This is going to be an amazing opportunity for you to build up your boudoir portfolio!