Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where to find us at WPPI

Remember "Where's Waldo"? Didn't you just love pouring through those colorful pages, searching for that little red-and-white-clad guy? (So much fun!) We know there are going to be TONS of photographers at WPPI, but we would absolutely love to meet you! (Especially if you've purchased our products- please find us; we would love to hear your feedback!) If you want to purchase our products, FIND US! We'll be offering a WPPI special, but you have to find us if you want to know the details. :) While we won't be wearing red stripes, we WILL be wearing some "boudoir divas" distinction on our nametags. Also, here are a few of the places we'll be this week:

*KISS 'n Tell All boudoir shoot at the KISS house
*KISS event (they're surprising us- can't wait to find out what we're doing!)

*Find us hanging out at our favorite vendors' booths! (AKA our sponsors!) Bludomain,, KISS Wedding Books, Neil Enterprises, and Kodak.
*Awesome classes
*Grabbing a drink at the Pixel 2 Canvas party, and then...
*Sun night we get to go see "O" at the Bellagio (can't wait!)

*Platform classes
*Bludomain party

*Platform classes
* party

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