Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our emails are going to spam bins...

Over the past couple of months I am realizing more and more that my emails seem to be going to people's SPAM bins. So I wanted to notify you workshop attendees to check your spam if you haven't received a recent email about workshop info. Please check as I sent out hotel info. Ah, I am a worry wort.

Monday, April 28, 2008

More info on the May Workshop!

We have a few more seats left for our May Workshop. This one is especially dear to our heart since it will be in our new 4500 sq ft studio. We still can't believe in just fours years we went from shooting in a 2 car garage to this insane space! Even our dressing room is adorable...
If you would like a bit more info, here is a link to the PDF we have been sending gals who book the workshop. More Workshop Info

Thursday, April 24, 2008

DWF 2009, here we come!

We are speaking at the DWF Convention, 2009! Here is our glamorous photo shoot for promo (camera on timer!). Thank you, Jeff Caplan, for giving us this exciting opportunity. This pic above is really the only decent one out of 50. But, ya know, believe it or not we actually like it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


We wanted to thank all of you who made it to the CIPPA meeting on Monday; we felt very privileged to be able to share with you all. I think we had about 50 photographers there - it was awesome! We loved chatting with you all, and we hope that you enjoyed getting a little glimpse of how we run our boudoir business. We also wanted to say a huge thank you to Leann and Amy for hosting us (and thanks again for a delicious dinner!). Gotta give Leann major props for helping us out while we were talking about posing. We were mentioning a few of our favorite poses, and when someone asked to see a demo, Leanne stepped up and helped us out. :) (Isn't she adorable?)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blog Contest!

Hey everyone! We've got a fun contest that will be running from now through the end of April. Here are the details: If you blog about the divas' workshop, we'll enter you in a drawing for a $75 itunes gift card.
What needs to be in your blog [or forum] post:
1) A link to our website (www.theboudoirdivas.com),
2) A sentence or two about our workshop. If you came to our Jan. workshop or our KISS 'n tell all shoot in Vegas, we'd love it if you would share a little about your experience. Or if you've purchased our products, you can write a mini review. Haven't been able to come to a workshop yet? Go ahead and just drop a quick line about our May workshop: The Boudoir Divas' next workshop will be held in their new 4,000 square ft studio in San Diego, May 27-29, 2008.
3) The following image needs to be somewhere in the blog/forum post (copy and paste or copy the image web address): After you've done this, send us an email to let us know - we'll add you to our itunes drawing. kimberlee@theboudoirdivas.com... Thanks for spreading the word about the Boudoir Divas! Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! :) -Kimberlee & Marissa

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

CHECK IT OUT!!! We just added a new gallery on our website - with tons of images from the "KISS 'n tell all" photo shoot. Click on "Information" then "KISS shoot" -- enjoy! -- :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Awesome Workshop Prizes!

Check out the awesome gifts we're going to be giving away at our May workshop...
-Kodak GEM plug-in
-Bludomain Website
-KISS Wedding Books gift card
-NIK filters

Monday night - CIPPA speaking engagement

This coming Monday, we'll be speaking at the Monday night meeting for Channel Island's Professional Photographer's Association (CIPPA). Click here for more info
Marissa Boucher & Kimberlee West - Evening Speakers Monday, April 14, 2008 6:30 p.m. Marriott Courtyard, Camarillo. Free for CIPPA/PPSBC Members; Non-Members:$30

Topics we'll be touching:
• Marketing strategies for boudoir photography
• Overview of shooting and photoshop techniques
• How to "wow" your clients with the boudoir experience
• Easy ways to add boudoir to your list of services and practical steps to get started now

Monday, April 7, 2008

Workshop GIVEAWAYS to be announced soon!

This coming workshop in May we are really planning on spoiling our attendees. Not only will it be held in our new 4000 sq foot studio (yes, we are so stoked), but at the workshop we will have a drawing and at least 5 awesome giveaways will be handed out. We will be announcing the giveaways very soon. If you are not our newsletter list and would like to be added please email kimee@boucherphotography.com

Also on a side note, we will be moving the studio this week so we may not be as accessible as we usually are. We apologize about any inconveniences ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The workshop will be in our new studio!

We have really excellent news. Woman Captured and Boucher Photography will be moving to a 4000 sq foot studio. This is really exciting news for our "Boudoir Divas" workshop attendees. You will get to see our new place and shoot on all of our outrageous new sets. This is really a dream come true for us. Currently we are working from home, shooting in our garage. In just a few short years we are able to move from 1200 sq feet to 4000 sq feet. We are so thrilled to be able to carry out this dream so quickly. We are so darn excited and feel like we will have so much creative freedom. We realize that this isn't everyone's goal so at our workshop we still intend talk about how we were able to shoot in such a small space. I , Marissa, had so much fun this weekend combing magazine after magazine looking for cool set ideas, color palettes for all the different offices and presentation areas. To say we feel blessed (and overwhelmed) right now is an understatement.