Friday, November 30, 2007

About Kimberlee...

Hey! My name is Kimberlee (although my family and close friends still call me "Kimee"!) I love photography (duh!), and I've also found a love for graphic design. I joined Marissa and Weston 2 years ago, and I have absolutely LOVED working with them. I started shooting boudoir about a year ago, and from my very first shoot, I was hooked. I love the satisfaction that comes with this job - making women feel gorgeous and giving them confidence to see themselves as they are (beautiful!). I'm also a child photographer, and in the Spring of 08 I'm planning on opening a boutique studio in San Clemente, CA (about an hour north of San Diego).
Child photography is a huge passion of mine; I absolutely love capturing all of the little facial expressions and tiny "quirks" that show a child's personality. How absolutely amazing is it that we get to take pictures and interact with people everyday... and that this is our "job"?!? I'm so blessed and thankful that I am able to make a living doing something I love. What else? I love eating. Sushi and Thai food are my all-time favorites. I love flavored coffee drinks. I love reading magazines (mostly to look at the fashion ads and spreads, getting ideas for how I want to shoot).

I am extremely passionate about fighting against injustice. My desire is to be able to use photography as a means for bringing social injustices to light. My goal is to travel overseas a few months every year, capturing through my lens the stories of people who need their stories told. Upcoming trips in 08... Africa, and hopefully Thailand/Burma.

Lastly (but most importantly), I'm SO thankful for the people in my life. I have the most amazing family in the world, and my friends are awesome, too. Most of all, I am thankful for Jesus Christ and what it means to be able to live my life following Him. My faith is more than just a religious title that I carry with me to church on Sundays. God is so real, and He's a huge part of my life, every day. I want my life to reflect Him, in everything I do.

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