Friday, November 30, 2007

About Marissa...

Founder of Woman Captured
Weston and I also shoot weddings together: Boucher Photography
Loves ...
The Lord!
My adorable hubby (the mastermind behind our wedding photog)Isn't he cute?:)

Disneyland and Walt Disney. The sometimes corny line "Dreams do come true" really spoke to me as a child. To say I had high hopes as a kid was a understatement! And it all came true!

My furry babies! Elaine and Putty (named after Seinfeld characters). My teddy bears.

Reading Period Novels
(Last one was, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" and "Peony in Love," the writer, Lisa See, is brilliant!) Both written and inspried by the real Chinese Opera, "The Peony Pavillion," written during the Ming Dynasty, which I am hoping to see in person as it is still a popular opera.

I can be a bit of a hippie at times, what do I mean by that? Well, I enjoy yoga. I need, must have have, can't live without, regular, large doses of nature. There is something so theraputic about swimming in the ocean, a river or a lake. Or getting all muddy hiking a trail-where falling is part of the fun. And, even though I don't dress the part of a hippie, to further prove my point, I do enjoy lighting my fair share of incensce!

I love large production shows/productions. Al la Cirque de Soleil, symphonies, the free concerts at the organ pavillion, musicals, etc.

My family is the best! Here are some pics of us last Thanksgiving.

So that is a bit about myself! Not quite done, I have a few more interests I would love to share with you all. I should be adding to this page in the future. I mean when else do you get to talk about yourself non-stop but on your blog! You bet I gonna take advantage of it! I would love for you to post some of your interest in the comment section. Since you know so much about me I would love to hear about you too. Let's be friends! :)

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