Tuesday, August 5, 2008

World Premier...

...of the Boudoir Divas' SHOOT VIDEOS!!! We had SO much fun yesterday! So much fun, in fact, that we have decided to make this a regular event. We hired 2 gorgeous models & had complete freedom to experiment with different sets, funky wardrobes, and new lighting scenarios. And as for the end product... well, just posting images really wouldn't do the shoot justice, so we decided to create a few music videos for your viewing pleasure. This first one is very informative, as Marissa did an amazing job at explaining her shots. Check it out!

If you cannot view this video Click Here to watch it on You Tube.

And here's one more fun video for you... I wasn't quite as informative as Marissa (sorry!)... but hopefully you'll still enjoy it!

If you cannot view this video Click Here to watch it on You Tube.

Special thanks to: Our beautiful models, Nora & Vanessa.

Also - a few of the images in these videos were taken by the lovely Crystal (one of the Woman Captured photographers). C, you rock! We love you!
Hair & Makeup by: The Mermaid Salon
Music credit: Yelle & Lady Gaga
Video recording talent: Our wonderful studio concierge, Mandi!


Danielle said...

totally AWESOME. So hot. I don't think I can wait to find out how you did that setup! You've got my email! lol...

Kylee J said...

oh wow! lovin these shots!! :) my faves were the ones by the mirror. i like how your work is sexy but tasteful!

Cathy said...


Those are fabulous shots!!

Amy said...

How awesome are these video clips! Awesome to see you guys in action and trying some new setups.