Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Music Videos

A few weeks ago we posted about how we use music videos to add to the total boudoir experience. In my opinion, this is one of the best elements of the shoot. We just love the way our music videos add energy to the 'set' as we're shooting. This isn't a new concept at all... most photographers use a music playlist while shooting. And the other day, I was reading a magazine article that talked about a fashion shoot, and how they brought a DJ in for the shoot to do live mixing. So much fun! Anyway... I took a poll this past week, and asked all of the photographers about their favorite songs on our video playlist. A little inspiration for those of you who would like to create a new playlist for your boudoir shoots. Here's what everyone had to say:

Marissa: Yelle's "Je Vuex Te Voir." This video rocks, it is so hilarious. There is no way anyway can watch this video and still be tense.

Crystal: There are so many good ones, it's so hard to pick! I'll have to go with Sexy Back by JT! It just sounds like something that should be played while walking down the cat walk!

Deena: Bleeding Love & Sexy Back

Me (Kimberlee): I have a tie between 2 faves: The first is Regina Spektor's "Fidelity." Such a fun/quirky video - love it! Also, right now I'm really loving the Maroon 5-Rihanna video, "If I Never See Your Face Again." It's got a lot of energy, and the sets in the video are SO cool - lots of visual inspiration for a boudoir shoot.

There are so many different elements that go into making the boudoir experience unforgettable; music is just one small part of that experience, but as you can tell, we LOVE this part of it!

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Kimberlee West said...

I can't get that Yelle song out of my head!!! I had to download it so I can listen to it all the time - LOVE it!!!