Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A little credibility....

Kimberlee and I call ourselves "The Boudoir Photography Divas," which is a bit bold for gals who know that they are a major work in progress. At least the haughty title gives us a lot to aspire to and always makes us work a bit harder. One thing we love about boudoir photog is the amazing emails we get after our shoots. As a wedding photographer and portrait photogs, we are able to compare the response of those shoots to our boudoir clients' responses. The latter always seems as if she has had a big mental shift in the way she perceives herself- so satisfying as a photographer. Here is what a client sent me today. I love it, and at the risk of seeming like I am bragging about the job I adore, I am going to post it anyway!

"Hi! I received my proofs from my WC shoot! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! Marissa did such a great job, she is so awesome! I was so nervous, but she totally put me at ease! I am convinced that this is something EVERY woman should do!! I felt so empowered when I left!! I was definitely one the best experiences I've had so far in all of this wedding planning. Anyway, thank you SO much!!! I had a great time at the shoot, looking through the pics, etc. I cannot wait to show my fiance!!! The hardest part of it was trying to choose only 20 pics! Marissa definitely knows how to capture girls at their best. :) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) melissa "

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