Tuesday, June 3, 2008

May Workshop - Day of Shooting Recap

The first full day of our workshop was all about shooting (so much fun!) After Marissa and I demonstrated how we use our different lighting set-ups, we let our workshop attendees have full reign of our studio for the remainder of the day. We've all been to workshops where there are so many people around you that you feel like you're fighting to get a good shot in. Well, we really wanted everyone to have enough time to really build up their portfolio and work on posing & expression, and so we worked hard to figure out a schedule that would allow maximum amount of shooting time with the least amount of shoving/pushing/fighting for shots. :) Here are a few images from the day (Marissa and me, demonstrating our shooting style): We have to say a big thank you to our gorgeous models for our day of shooting. (We couldn't have done any of this without you ladies!) So thank you, Adriana, Courtney, and Leah! You gals are awesome, and it was a pleasure working with each of you.


Anonymous said...

First, I love your work and the blog Second, would you share your brand of lighting for the first shot. I have been looking for a constant lighting set-up but it gets a bit confusing looking on the web when all they give you is a picture, it helps to see it in action and the result.Thanks.

The Boudoir Divas™ said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by our blog!!! all of our secrets are revealed in our training guide - check it out at: www.theboudoirdivas.com. thanks!
-kimberlee & marissa