Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day After the workshop

What did Marissa and I do after our first Boudoir Divas' Workshop ended? We went to the beach! We definitely had a blast at our workshop, and we're already SOOO excited about our next one (coming in May- dates will be announced soon)... but we also promised ourselves that after our workshop ended, we would take a blanket to the beach and just lie there, not talking about anything business-related! The SD weather was absolutely perfect that day, so Weston, Marissa, and I all headed down to Del Mar for a late lunch and a day of relaxing on the golden sand! Here are a few pics from that glorious day... :)

We'll be sending out an e-newsletter soon with the official dates for our next workshop... so if you're thinking about signing up, make sure you're on our mailing list! If you're not on our list, shoot an email to our awesome office manager (Crystal), and she'll hook you up!

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