Saturday, January 26, 2008


On the way up to our outdoor shoot yesterday, we had a little detour when my car got a bit of a flat tire! Someone was nice enough to wave us down and tell us that the tire was low, but since our location is out in the middle of nowhere, we had to just pull over and wait for Triple A to arrive. However, while we were waiting, Marissa grabbed my sign and stood on the side of the highway for about 5 minutes. I thought it was cute so I snapped a photo, but I didn't believe anyone would actually stop (I think our sign was a bit too small!). And then, to my surprise, this truck pulled over to save the day!!! I was so excited and SOOO thankful! So to this awesome guy (good samaritan!) who pulled over to help... wherever you are... THANK YOU!!!! :)

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Penny Sylvia said...

I stumbled onto your blog recently ... love this story!